Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa (Book) By Azimusshan Siddiqui Pdf Download

Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa, 1857-1914, اردو ناول آغاز و ارتقا، ١٨٥٧-١٩١٤، Book PDF Free Download is written by Azimusshan Siddiqui. Best Books By Azimusshan Siddiqui Pdf. Download the Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa Book directly into your Android cell phone, PC, or laptop with just one single click. This PDF novel is available on high-quality servers for the fastest online reading and is easiest to download anytime.

Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa Complete Book Download PDF & Read Online

Urdu novel by Azimusshan Siddiqui, titled Aaghaz o Irtiqa (1857–1940). This book offers a study of the origins and development of the Urdu novel between 1857 and 1914. It examines the origins of Urdu literature and its early years up until 1914.

An important turning point in India’s history occurred in 1857. Following this pivotal moment, Indian cognition transformed. It becomes evident that modern realistic fiction has been influenced by Western literature and civilization. Simultaneously, the novel’s awareness and art evolved from its inception in 1869, progressively changing until 1914 when it entered the modern age. It embodies every fundamental aspect of Premchand’s art.

Complete Book Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa By Azimusshan Siddiqui

Following 1857, the works of Maulana Nazir Ahmad, Maulana Abdul Haleem Sharar, and others started to surface. Mirza Hadi Raswa concluded the formative phase of the “Novel.” As with other foreign languages, Urdu is still being used for the creation of fantastic novels nowadays.

Seven chapters make up the book’s layout. The novel’s artwork is covered in the first chapter. The “story” that came before the book is covered in the second chapter. The novel’s awareness begins at the beginning of the third chapter, which also describes earlier works of literature. The Urdu novel opens the fourth chapter, and the translations of the Urdu novel close the book.


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Urdu Novel Aghaz O Irtiqa (Book) By Azimusshan Siddiqui Pdf Download

The years 1857–1914 are the only ones covered in this book. It contains, in a sense, the whole narrative of the Urdu novel’s origin. The novel “Urdu Novel – Aaghaz o Irtiqa” has the seeds of Premchand’s creative brilliance, as the story seamlessly integrates all the crucial components of his literary skill. Siddiqui’s painstaking research offers a thorough grasp of the literary and historical influences that molded Urdu Novels during this pivotal time.

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